Before and After Care

Filling the Gaps: Extending Care and Learning Beyond School Hours

A day can hold countless learning opportunities and nurturing experiences – even outside regular school hours! With our Before and After Care programs at Big Little Kids Childcare Center, we extend children’s learning journey, fitting seamlessly into your family’s schedule while maximizing your child’s day.

What Makes Us Before and After Care Service Vital?

Our service goes beyond traditional daycare hours, providing an extended environment for your child to learn, engage, and evolve. With a variety of programmed activities like homework clubs and art workshops, we endeavor to make the most of each child’s day.

How Do We Adapt to Your Routine?

Flexibility is our strength. We understand every family has unique routines and schedules, so we strive to accommodate them. Our Before and After Care programs make it easy for you to rest in the knowledge that your child is in good hands while you attend to your commitments.

What Activities do We Offer in between the Care?

Our service extends beyond simple supervision – we strive to make it a learning-rich environment. Whether it’s helping with homework, building art projects, or playing team games, we ensure each child receives their fill of knowledge, skill, and fun even after typical school hours.

The Advantages of Before and After Care

Our Before and After Care services guarantee a comprehensive care approach that tugs perfectly at both ends of a typical school day.

• Extended Learning: Learning should not be confined to specific hours. Our daycare program further enhances your child’s educational experience through extra-curricular learning activities and engagements.

• Flexible Schedule: With our flexible scheduling options, we ensure the adjustments are performed to best serve your routines, taking a significant load off your parental shoulders.

• Holistic Development: Our myriad activities focus on wholesome child development, nurturing cognitive, social, and emotional skills that enable children to bloom in all life’s spheres.

• Safe Environment: We offer a reliable, caring, and secure environment where your child can safely thrive beyond school hours while you fulfill your daily commitments, hassle-free, and worry-free.

Maximize Your  Child’s Day  With Us

Take your child’s day from good to great! Join our Before and After Care programs at Big Little Kids Childcare Center and ensure your children benefit from a rounded, extended learning and care experience that fits into your schedule. The day has never been so productive and engaging! Enroll now.